Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Princess of Polish..Write it down! Nail Art

They would come from near or miles around.
Whatever the princess would say, they would write it down!

These nails were really fun to paint. I wanted to put my dotting tool away for at least one day so, I got out a black stripe brush and my CHINA GLAZE nail polish. I put glitter on the eraser. WHY? Because I love GLITTER that's why! I am a PRINCESS!


  1. I'm loving it! so creative. love the glitter on the eraser :-)

  2. this nail art is s0o0oo0 cuteeeee
    you have a great imagination i would have never thought of this

  3. OMG that's the cutest thing I have ever seen. You have the most ADORABLE ideas for nail art!!!! :D

  4. All bow to The Princess! You never fail to amaze me and you are so deserving of Lacquer Laine's shout out this week! Adorable mani. Thanks for sharing! xx

  5. Inbaluly,Nailz-In-Aus,Natalie ,Olivia C. ,ashley nicole,yankeenaijababe,Lacquer Laine,Kae ,Danielle

    Thanks to all of you for your nice comments.I really love painting nails. But,the designs dont always come out nice.
    Im going to post ..when good nail ideas go bad really soon.....The Princess.

  6. What a creative look. Like stained glass. Your nails look lovely. How do you paint such tiny areas? I would get the polish all over the place.

  7. this is AWESOME! i love that design, so creative and original


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