Monday, July 13, 2009

The Princess had a COW!..Nail Art

The Princess went to the mall, where she almost had a COW.
She saw so many chipped toenails. All she could say was WOW!

( cow pedicure)

Today is MALL MONDAY, sometimes on Mondays when I get off work I go to the mall and act as if its Saturday or Sunday( i know its crazy) .Today happened to be really hot so, lot of girls had there toes out. I am always looking at feet and nails to see if I can see something new or get some inspiration. I saw so many "jacked up toes" . Now, you don't have to have a pedicure with fancy polish but, please dont where sandals or flip flip if your polish is chipped and you nails are jagged. Please put lotion on your skankles ( short for stinky,ugly heels and ankles) . I have decided to dedicate the next few entries to Pedicures and how to give your feet the princess touch ( Not this entry ...starting with the next entry...I am still having a cow on this one ;).

(cow pedicure )

( french tip cow manicure)

(french tip cow manicure)


  1. Your toes and nails are so cute! :)

  2. Adorable! I hate jacked up toes. you gotta take care of your tooties!

  3. I just gave myself a pedicure last night (:

  4. Wow that's sooo cute! I must try it out too! : )

  5. Hey Wan,
    You are welcome to try any of these designs. I know I cant stop thinking about your cool Minnie Mouse!

  6. Hey Princess! I love love your pedicure and manicure. You do such fantastic work! I absolutely want to puke when I see those horrible nails and heels. Don't these people see? Long toe nails really make me gag. I better stop talking about it because I'm going to gag!

  7. Loving the nail art...glad to meet another princess!


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