Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Princesses Pink & White Twist : Nail Art

The Princess was up late one night ,
She wanted to paint Pink & Whites,
and when she was done, with all of the fun ,
Her Pink & White with a Twist ....Out of Sight!

I was looking at a nail book and saw a similar design to this one. I really got inspired. I wanted to put my "twist" on the nails. I used CHINA GLAZE Black Leather, Shocking Pink & White on White (I'm going to buy another brand of polish at some point). I could not get a good picture of these nails, they look much better in person. I like them because the tip could be any color that you want. I would have showed this design with different tips colors but, I think I'm gonna wear this design to work on Monday!


  1. I really like this mani! It's wild! :) Can you let us in on your secret as to how you got your spots so round? Looks great in your photos but would love to see it in person! :)

  2. Another adorable one! :) I would like to see how you get your dots so round! They always look PERFECT! :)

  3. Love the different sizes of dots! Too cute!

  4. Hey girl! stopping by from Getcha! I love the different sized circles!!! I gotta try that. I love your clouds too!

    I have a blog too:


  5. Hey Ladies,
    Thanks for the nice comments. I wish I could say that I can drop the perfect blot of polish on my nails to make these dots but, that would not be true.
    I used a dotting tool by Daniel Stone. The set came with 5 tools with 10 various sizes.I reviewed it in on June 27th post. I been going dot crazy ever since I purchased the set.

  6. Hi Princess! I found you thru Brooke from Getchnailsdid. I love this manicure. Very wild and pretty. Looking forward to following your blog.

  7. Hey hun thanx 4 the bdai wishes etc. take care mwaaaaaah =D

  8. Just found your blog & I love it! These nails are my particular fave. x


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