Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Princess of Polish ..Pedicuring 101

The Princess needed something to do ,

Pedicuring 101 for me and you.

The Perfect Princess Pedicure

Tools: Here is a list of the things I like to use for my personal pedicure. You may opt to use some items ,all of the items or nothing . You may know something about pedicures that don't or disagree with something I wrote. I am learning and would love your comments and suggestions or advise . The important things is that you safely take care of your feet and in return your feet will take care of U.
Polish Remover: You can use any nail polish remover. Most articles that I've read state the you should use non-acetone polish remover. I disagree. I use ACETONE, ( yeah, I said it ) acetone polish remover by Beauty Secrets. Personally, I think it works better and I like to remove my polish quickly.

Cotton Balls: I use regular cotton balls. I don't use extra large of fluffy. I don't need coco butter added cotton balls, I just want regular old fashioned cotton balls. I accidentally bought some extra large cotton balls from Sally's last week and I have to literally cut them in half each time I need to use one ! I will buy pink cotton balls occasionally... ( well, I am a princess after all). Toe Nail Clipper : I am always buying a toenail clipper. I am not particular to any brand in particular. I never use a nail clippers, even on my hands. They are just to small and I'm afraid of them.Cuticle Remover: I like jell cuticle remover. I recently picked up a bottle of Cuticle Away y by CND. I really love it. If you use cuticle remover, be sure to use sparingly and wash it off COMPLETELY once you have pushed back your cuticles .
Nail Brush : I always brush my nails with a nail brush. I usually buy a new one once a month. I keep a nail bush in the bathroom and when I wash my hand I bush my nails ( if they are not polished, of course) .
Nail Pusher : There are several types on nail pushers on the market. I like metal pushers . I don't push with a orange wood stick because , I think it will give me splinters. I don't know the brand of my pusher but, the end that's used for pushing is rounded to fit the nail. I suggest trying several pushers until you find the one you like.
Moisturizing Lotion: A good moisturizing lotion is really important, I suggest going to sally's and looking for something just for pedicures. It really really makes a difference.
Tub: I don't like to use a fancy pedicure tub . I use a regular tub that I bought from target for about $3.00 .
Sea Salt: This is optional but, it Sea Salt helps to relive tired and ache feet.
Liquid Soap: You can use any type of soap . I uses antibacterial soft soap. Vanilla scent.
Nail Buffer: Select your favorite Nail buffer. I Like the white ice block. Sally's
Towel: Now, here is where I like a nice fluffy towel to wrap my feet up with
Emery Board: no explanation needed
Olive Oil: I like olive oil ( any brand) but, baby oil will work just as good. Please don't use cooking oil ( I just think that's gross)
Toe Separator : Sometime , I splurge and buy two separators with glitter or funky shapes. I don't really understand it but I love those things.
Flip Flops: I usually buy some cute pink flip flops because , I cant stand the thing that goes between your toes and a cute pair takes my mind off the pain.

The Pedicure
Step One: Take the pedicure tub then add approximately 1/4 sea salt and 5 squirts of liquid soap and a cap full of Olive Oil. Fill tub with warm water and soak for 5 minutes. Dry feet lightly.
Step Two: Take the polish remover and cotton balls and remove the polish ( if needed). I like to remove the polish after the 1st soak. The polish comes off a lot easier that way. Clip & file toenails if needed.
Step Three: Place feet back in the water for 1-2 minutes. Remove one foot apply cuticle remover, lightly push cuticles , never clip you own cuticles, place foot back in water and repeat on other foot.
Step four: I typically use a sugar scrub but ,you can use any kind of foot scrub and scrub both feet . Take nail brush and brush both feet thoroughly. Remove feet from water.
Step Five:Lotion and rub your feet. You can use any lotion however, I use pedicure or massage lotion. I went to a nail salon the other day and they used some smell good foo foo lotion that went dry and was not comfortable during the massage (just a suggestion). Apply cuticle oil to your cuticles.
Now, your feet are ready for polishing. Put on your flip flops and toe separator before polishing. Doing a pedicure on yourself is fun but, it also requires time. If you have some pedicure tips , please share...

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Tiny & Toya update:

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  1. That's really nice to list everything you use. The only thing I think you should use is a glass file. I think emery boards rip up your nails too much. The glass file is washable. Olive Oil is also a cooking oil. I think a little bit of the baby oil you suggest is a better idea. Now if someone could massage your feet afterwards it would be great!

  2. Hi Lucy, Thanks for your comments.
    I have never used a glass file. I'll have to pick one up this weekend (reason for shopping).
    Your right, Olive Oil is cooking oil. I guess I ment vegetable oil. I dont think that would be good to use (does any use vegetable oil on their toes? LMK). I like Olive Oil better than baby oil. I like it because its nice and thick. I think baby oil feels weird on MY toes.
    It would be GREAT if I could get a massage peroid, right now!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I'll try to give myself a nice pedi this weekend.

    Toe seperators are nice, if you can stand them. I can't seem to get them between my toes, it's really painfull, the seperators seem to big for my tiny toes lol!


Thanks for the note. I really appreciate your comment!