Friday, July 17, 2009

The Princess of Polish..TOES

She painted by day, She painted by night .
She painted and painted until it was right!

Blue french tip with dots

If you are tired of the regular french tip style, try a really bright strip of color and some dots for an updated look.

Polish: China Glaze.. Shower Together

Really White.

Toes painted simply with white polish look really great. They really look cute when you are walking in the grass at the park.

Polish: China Glaze..White on White.

Thanks to The Little Princess for letting paint her toes.


  1. Love that blue Frenchie! Really pretty. The white polish looks amazing. With your skin color it's gorgeous. I keep saying I'll pain my toenails and then I don't. Maybe seeing all your toenail photos will inspire me. I do keep them clean and neat. I can't stand long toenails. They absolutely gag me.

  2. cute blog!

    follow me please =]


Thanks for the note. I really appreciate your comment!