Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Princess of Polish..Perfect Pedicure Giveaway! contest closed

The Perfect Pedicure Giveaway!

I have always loved cool California days, when the temperature drops to a crisp 60 degrees. The days when you have to wear sock with your flip flops and a t-shirt over your tank top ( I'm talking chilly). That being said, November has always been the perfect time to pay special attention to your feet. One lucky person will win Gena's Perfect Pedicure Feet-to-Go. The kit included a variety of items so you can give your toes the perfect spa treatment! The kit also contains detailed pedicure instructions and fun foot facts.

The Perfect Pedicure Kit by Gena includes:
Foot Spray: Pedi-Septic, a highly effective foot spay to help prevent bacterial contamination. Pedi-Septic helps prevent foot order, as it cools and refreshes hot, tired feet.
Foot Bath: Pedi-Soak, concentrated foot bath with Tea Tree Oil designed to cleanse,soften and prepare feet prior to an foot care service.
Sloughing Lotion: Pedi-Care, gently smooth away rough dry surface skin. This non-abrasive lotion leaves skin, silky, cool and refreshed.
Foot Sander: Pedi-Sander, gently file and soften calluses on the heel and ball of the foot.
Deep Cooling Gel: Pedi-ice, icy cold refreshment for hot tired feet and leg. Mental and Eucalyptus Oil, help relieve aching muscles. Soothing aloe cools and conditions skin.
Foot and Leg Lotion: Pedi-soft ,botanically enriched lotion that moisturizes and softens feet and legs. Re-hydrates the feet silky smooth.
The Kit comes in a really cute plastic case .
( now, that's a lot of cool stuff !)

How to enter :
For 1 entry:
1: follow the blog
2: comment on this post stating your favorite toenail color

For 3 entries:
1: follow the blog
2: comment on this post stating your favorite toenail polish color
3: post this giveaway on your blog and leave the link in the comment section

The Small Print:
The giveaway is open to EVERYONE in the world.
The the contest will close on Friday, November 13th at 12 midnight.
The winner will be selected by random
The winner will be posted on the blog on Saturday , November 14th *make sure you check back to see if it U!

Good Luck!
The Princess


  1. That looks like a great set! I am a follower.

    I have noticed I like different colours for tips and toes. Not only do they never match but there are some colours I just don't like to put on my feet.
    I like cremes for feet and since I am a purple junkie I would say maybe a colour like OPI A Grape Fit.

  2. One of my favorite colors this time of year is Black. But it's hard to pick just one color when there are so manny wonderful colors out there.

  3. thanks princess :-)
    3 entries for me please...

    my favorite color for my toes is dark purple. I love dark colors for my pedi :-)


  4. My favorite nail color is black. I like to dress it up wit funky designs or just leave it plain.

    I blogged

  5. I don't have really a fave toe nail color - however I think nail art on toenails just rocks! Especially if you have a nice pedi working the nail art just brings attention to your nice feet :)

  6. My fave toe color is China glaze's tempest or avalanche

  7. My favorite toe nail color is OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress. It's classic and fun.

  8. Hellos!
    My fav toe nail color is burgundy...don't ask why...i just love how it looks!

    Blogged about your great giveaway here:

    Ty for the opportunity!
    And keep up the good work on the blog!;)

  9. 1 entry for me, i am a follower. Awesome giveaway.

    My favorite toe nail polish: bright orange red. Everyone notices them!

  10. Oooh, smelly things - I like smelly things! I honestly can't name a colour that I could count as a favourite on my tootsies. I'm much more open minded about what colours I'll wear on my toes compared to my fingers! Oh and I'm a follower :)

  11. My favorite toe nail polish is bright pink.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  12. I like a bright pink shade of nail polish on toes.



  13. Hi 3 entries for me, my favorite toenail shade is red i have very white feets and red look so brith and femenine in my toes...

    Thjanks for the nice giveaway..

    i post about your giveaway here:

  14. hey

    im a follower and i blogged about your giveaway here

    my favorite toecolor is hot pink

  15. Hello
    I'm a follower .
    My favourite toe nail polish is ruby red.
    I spread your contest on my blog here:

    My email is :
    My blog is :

    I love international giveaways !

  16. Hey!
    Please enter me 3 time to your giveaway :)

    I am a follower :)

    My favourite color for my polish is a shiny shade of pink.

    I posted your giveaway here

  17. Please enter me in your giveaway. I'm a Follower of your blog. My favorite toenail color is a bright red. Thank you.

  18. Hello Princess! I am a follower and I have you on my blogroll! I love vampy pedicure shades in the winter: dark berry colors, burgundy,rich purple. I know I am only supposed to tell my absolute favorite, but it's so hard to decide! xoxo! <3

  19. Hi! :) I'm a follower, my favorite color on my toenails is cherry red.

  20. Hello, I have joined your blog as a follower and posted about this contest on my blog here:

    My favourite pedicure colour is a cheery cherry red.

    I hope this comment can count towards 3 entries :)

  21. Great giveaway!

    My favourite toenail polish is OPI thrill of brazil.


  22. I'm a follower! My favorite is OPI I'm not really a waitress:)

  23. Hi Princess :-)
    I'm a follower and I posted about your great giveaway on my blog:
    And my favorite toenail color is OPI Got A Date and Barielle Shades Hidden Hideaway :-)

  24. hi

    i'm a new follower (#152) and my favorite nail color is by an unknown brand called Rival de Loop and it's called tropical ice :D it's got this coral color with gold shimmer. really pretty.

    i've written about your giveaway here:

    that's 3 entries for me YAY :D

  25. Hello!
    * I'm a follower;
    * My favourite toenail color is number 68 by Andreia (portuguese brand).
    * I posted about your giveway here:

    3 entries for me please! xD

    Thank you for this opportunity!


  26. Hello,

    Thank you for this wonderful Giveaway!!..

    **My Favorite toenail polish is a Dark shiny blue. I Love dark colors.. =D

    **Here is my blog link to the post fr yur giveaway!..

    **I'm a Follower

    **3 ENTRIES

  27. hi sweetie..

    im your 157th follower..
    my all time fave nail polish for my toenail is plum

    ♥ i spread the word here:

    ♥ twit here:

    ♥ plurk here:

    rhain (

  28. hello! followed your blog. my favorite toe nail color is red coz i think it really is sexy and it makes my skin whiter that's why i so love it. :)

    take care.

  29. yay!! a great giveaway!! my fave toenail colors are neutral color or beige...

  30. My number one favorite toenail color is Juicy Tomato :)

  31. Pink Flamenco on a fresh pedi is my favorite.

  32. What a great giveaway! My toes don't get nearly enough attention :)

    My favourite pedicure colour is a bright sparkly red. Something like China Glazes Ruby Pumps.

  33. I'm already a follower. I'm afraid I can't tell you my favourite toenails colour as I changed my mind on a daily basis. :)

  34. My favourite toenail color is Red non stop by Lise Watier

  35. I LOVE LOVE LOVE DS Reflection by OPI Which is one of their designer shades =)

  36. I would like to thank everyone who entered this contest has closed.

  37. Congratulations! Rhaindropz, you are the WINNER of the Perfect Pedicure Contest!

  38. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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