Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Princess of Poish..Reviews Dashing Diva Nail Polish!

Dashing Diva Nail Polish

In September, Dashing Diva added 5 new colors to its New York-inspired Manhattan Collection of nail polishes. The new and improved polish promises to be longer lasting and more chip resident than there previous blends. I recently received a few samples for review.....

Bryant Park: Super Seductive , Bryant Parks light brown copper color may be the toast of Manhattan but, its also made a royal fan on the west coast.

Grand Central Station: A deep green color that, reminded me of my Christmas tree. The color was so rich, I was tempted to take a peek on the bottle to see if they stuffed my Christmas tree from last year inside. I know what color I'm wearing for Thanksgiving, all I need is a outfit!

Jazz Nights: Jazz Nights, is my overall favorite . In the bottle, the ruby red polish steeped in ultra thin sparkling glitter look good but, on your nails the polish looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Try This: I painted Jazz Nights over Bryant Park for a sparking candy apple look that was incredible.

The Royal Review:
Packaging : I really liked the Dashing Diva logo. The logo , gives an ordinary nail polish bottle an sleek and updated look, joining together pink hand to make a flower (very cute)
note: I don't normally review nail polish bottles but, in several of my post I've remarked that I have not purchased a particular nail polish because i did not like the way the bottle looked. So, i thought I'd mention it.
The Brush: The brush was average length and flexible, making for easy application.
Price: Dashing Diva, nail polish retails for $8.00, which places it in the affordable range.

Overall opinion : The polishes I tired from the Dashing Diva Manhattan Collection was good. The way the nail polish looked in the bottle represented the actual color on my nails ( don't you hate when the color in the bottle looks different on your nails) . I would be comfortable ordering online because I know that I would get the true color ( very important). I applied the polish to my nails in the morning with no top coat . The colors lasted all day with no chipping ( I guess the new formulation worked). Dashing Diva, nail polish will be added to my holiday wish list. Visit the Dashing Diva website at to pick up a few bottles for you collection.

The Princess.


  1. Thanks for the review, those colors look great!A

  2. gildedangel:
    The colors are great and they applied really smooth.

  3. I'm loving Grand Central Station...dark cream greens are my fave!

  4. thanks for the review
    those nail polishes are just gorjuz

  5. Especially love the green. I'm so glad the bottle color and nail color are the same. It is very annoying when there not.


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