Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Princess of Polish...Strawberry Nail Art

The princess wanted something sweet , she went to garden for a strawberry treat. When she was finished , when she was done. She had eaten all the strawberries, all except ONE!...........

I used CHINA GLAZE's Rose among thorns ( I know, I really need to venture out to some other brands) to paint the cute little strawberries. I used a green stripe rite for the stem . I used some glitter polish only on the strawberries ( hard to see.....looks like sugar) and painted the nail bed with clear polish by she. Sweet!


  1. Hi Hun
    you have been tagged with the
    'Honest Scrap Tag'
    Check out my blog to read my honest
    scrap and see how to complete
    your honest scarp
    take care hun =D

  2. These are so cute!! :) Good idea! :)

  3. So cuteee! I was planning to do something like this too. :D I love all the nail art that you've done so far! You're very talented! :D

  4. You are amazing! I like how your start out with a rhyme. Your strawberries look delicious. Good thing I ate a load of them today!


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