Friday, July 10, 2009

The Obsessive Compulsive Princess....

The Obsessive, Compulsive, Princess....
some of my obsessions:
pink, glitter, sparkles , gold , silver, girly, shiny ( I can go on forever, but there is a point here)...
Today, I went to toys r us . I was looking for something for my daughter ( the princess in training) , when I saw something cool out of the corner of my eye. I saw the most amazing "beauty suitcase"by BRATZ. The outside of the case is shiny black vinyl. The suitcase has the word BRATZ spelled out in diamonds ( so cute) with stars and gold chains. The zippers have gold stars hanging from them. The back of the case has a picture of two bratz dolls ( I haven't even opened the case yet).
I unzipped the case...SCORE! It was a nail/makeup girls dream. The inside to the case was pink, with a mirror going across the top. The inside included....
4 fingernail files
2 eyeshadow brushes
2 lip brushes
2 lip gloss key chains
4 lip gloss/eyeshadow w/ glitter compacts
3 3in1 eyeshadow
2 lip gloss pots
4 bratz nail polishes ( i cant wait to try them)
1 lip balm
2 mini eyebrow brushes
Before ,I knew it all 4 of the beauty suitcases that they had left were in my basket and I was heading for the cash register. The beauty suitcase's regular price was $39.99 but these were $19.99 ( clearance, score again) . I paid, I left , I am broke but , I was able to get everything on my OCP list.
P.S. As for the Princess in Training , I promised her that I'll buy her a Nintendo DS on Saturday but ,only if she promised not to touch my Bratz Beauty Suitcase ( pinkie swear!)


  1. Blog Entry Update:
    One OCP (obsessive , compulsive , princess) $69.00
    One Nintendo DS i $169.99
    One game for the Nintendo DS i $29.99
    The look on the Little Princess face ....PRICELESS!

  2. Your so funny! That case is adorable. Are the contents and pictures different on each case? I don't blame you for buying them. I think the Bratz are so cute. I admire them from afar.

  3. They were all the same...I still had to have them all.


Thanks for the note. I really appreciate your comment!