Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Caviar Manicure

Caviar Manicure

In May, Ciate released the Caviar Manicure System. I received a kit for my birthday and was excited  to give it a try. OMG! this manicure was so cute and easy to complete. The kit comes with easy to read directions in several languages. The kit included a  bottle of Ciate Paint Pot shade, Caviar pearls , tilt try and miniature funnel. I really appreciated that the directions were illustrated on the back of the box. I am a visual person. The steps are very easy, apply the Paint Pot Shade ( 2 coats) sprinkle "caviar" over the wet nails, press down pearls and let dry for 15-20 minutes. The included mini funnel is used to pour unused caviar beads back into the bottle. Ciate's Caviar Manicure was very easy to do yourself and looks so neat and professional. I love it . The pictures don't do this manicure justice. The box says that this manicure last 48 hours. I will update the post after that time. I know that its not cool to ask how much someone paid for a gift but, I had to find out for this blog. The Ciate Caviar Manicure is available at Sephora for $25.00. I am not sure how many manicures are in one bottle but, I know its well worth the price. To have a professional looking manicure you can do on your own.

Let me know what you think...the Princess of Polish.


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