Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Betsey Johnson inspired nail art

Betsey Johnson inspired Nail Art

So, who doesn't love Betsey Johnson ? She is soooooooooo amazing. I like her use of bright colors and exotic fabrics. I especially love her jewelry and handbags. I recently purchased a Betsey Johnson necklace for my daughter at Macy's in San Francisco. She adores it. I have been so inspired by this necklace. I thought that a Betsey Johnson inspired manicure would be really cute.

the manicure and the polish...
Thumb:I love Betsey nail ..I used China Galze's Liquid Leather & White on White. The Heart was painted using Pink Pearl by Entity. Index Finger: I used China Glaze's Liquid Leather on the nail plate and Classic Camel ( one of my new favorite colors)
for the heart. I used rhinestones on the heart as well ( B.J loves her bling). Middle Finger: I used China Glazes Liquid Leather and Pink Pearl by Entity for the Big Pink Lips. Ring Finger: I used Pink Pearl on the nail plate, black stripe rite and Spontaneous by China Glaze for the funky leopard print. I used Spontaneous again on the nail plate of the pinkie and the black Stripe Rite for the zebra printed nail.
..The Princess.


  1. Love these. I have a Betseyville makeup bag set that I love. TJ Maxx in my areas always has quite a few cute Betsey Johnson bags and accessories. The jewelry line is cute too.

  2. Thanks Deb,
    This manicure looks so much better in person. Yes, TJ Maxx has Betsey Johnson in my area as well. If you have time check out the jewelry online its off the chain ;).

  3. This is so gorgeous! You rocked it, girlie... Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I Really Really Love Betsey But I Love Your Nails Even More! They Truely Capture the Betsey Style!

    For Those of Us Who Don't Paint Like You I Really Love this Website.


    It has Louis Vuitton, Coach, Animal Prints, Disney and SOOO Much More in Designs. They are Decals that Look Like You Painted Them On. Cute Nails Without the Effort.

  5. how cool is that???
    like it! :)

  6. Very unique design. Like them so much...


Thanks for the note. I really appreciate your comment!