Monday, October 18, 2010

The Princess of Polish Patchwork Nails

..She painted and painted with polish and stripes, and
once it was done ....the princess smiled with delight!

Polish Used
I like to use Entity nail polish for nail art because the brushes are small. My nails are so short that its very hard to paint them right now. Entity is not the most creative when it comes to naming their polishes but the colors are fantastic. The color you see on the bottel is the same color on your nails. I used red, green,purple and blue all from the pearl collection.
The Princess.


  1. YAY, the Princess is back! Is it just me, or the Princess has been away?

    Btw, you know what I would call your latest creation? Harlequin! :)

  2. Hello Music,

    Yes, I am back and here to stay. Harlequin, would be a great name. I really didnt know what to call these nails. Thanks;).

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Thanks for the note. I really appreciate your comment!