Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Princess of Polish...Reviews: Press-On nails by Kiss

The Princesses nails needed a little break, so she pulled out her press-ons for goodness sake!

Press-On Nails...humm...Are people really wearing press-on nails? That's the question I asked myself as I reviewed the boxes of press-on nails that I received to re-view for this blog.

a little background......

A few weeks ago, my daughter when my daughter and I went to CVS Pharmacy she, was drawn to the many boxes of press-on nails. My daughter really liked the nail designs and wanted me to pick up a few boxes. Although, I agreed with her that the designs were really cool I ha d a few reservations. I remember trying press-on nails as a teenager and the always looked over sized and bulky. The nails never seemed to look right. I grabbed a few boxes at the bequest of my daughter but, ultimately put the boxes back before leaving the store.

Fast forward to today......

This past weekend the girls and I had the opportunity to try out a few of the nail kits. The first box we tried was Express-On nails by Kiss, natural nail style. The nails were short in length with stick-on application ( no glue needed/ 1 day wear). The package contained 24 nails in 10 sizes. My daughter applied a full-set in less than 15 minutes. The nails really looked good! The application was quick and easy and the nails fit perfectly. In my opinion, the nails almost as good as an acrylic set. My daughter was able to easily remove the nails by soaking them in warm water.

Before applying the nails

After application of Express-On nails by Kiss

Wow! The nails really look good.

The second box we tried was Everlasting French by Kiss. The nails we real short length with glue -on application ( glue need/ 7 day wear). The package contained 24 regular nails in 12 sizes. The Everlasting French application took about 25 minutes. My daughter took a little longer with this application because it required the use of glue. The Express-On nails looked good but the Everlasting nails looked GREAT!

After application of Everlasting French nails by Kiss

Salon Style nails at home

In our opinion both nails kits did exactly what they promised. The Express-on nails were easy to apply and looked really good. The Express-on nails are perfect if you don't have time to go to the Salon but, would like a temporary salon nail look . My daughter and I liked to the look of the Everlasting French nails a little better. The fit was tighter and the color just right. Keep in mind, when applying the Everlasting French with the glue-on application make sure to saturate the nail with the glue and press down evenly or the glue will show through the nails.

Press-on nails tips & ideas:

Tip: apply non-acetone remover or alcohol after applying the nails will keep them looking new

Good Idea: My girls are hosting a holiday party and we were going to leave to have a nail polish bar. After trying the Kiss press-on nails she suggested that we have a "press-on" nail bar. I think that a better idea and we wont have to worry about spilling nail polish ( we know how polish can stain) .

So, to answer my initial question ...YES! people are wearing press-on nails and the look Great!

The Princess...
Ps. I have more boxes to review so, look them in future post.


  1. I have never tried press on nails..but i am always tempted to try them when i see the boxes in the store. maybe one day!

  2. They both look really nice on your daughter. Other people have had difficulty with bubbles showing. These look perfect. Good idea to have a press on party. Nail polish is easily knocked over.


Thanks for the note. I really appreciate your comment!