Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Princess of Polish .... The Lilac Zebra

.... The Zebra was sitting by the side of the road,
He seem to look so sad ,so old,
The Princess took him home for a nap,
when he awoke his coat was lilac!......

O.P.I Nail Lacquer Review:
I recently purchased this O.P.I nail lacquer at my local nail supply store. The color is called "Do you lilac it?". I li-loved it! I painted two light coats of the lacquer with ease using the wide full nail brush that comes with the polish. Some polishes have brushes that are so stiff its hard to apply, not the case with O.P.I. The full size brush allowed maxim coverage in minimum time. The polish applied evenly and dried quickly. In The Princess Book of Everything , O.P.I's is defiantly an winner in nail lacquer and zebra color !


  1. very cute im a fan of animal prints, and what a gorjuz colour to pair it up with

  2. Cool. I've done zebra stripes before, but I haven't tried using colors other than black and white yet.

  3. Is this your first OPI? Congratulations! You sure picked a good one

  4. Danica, I must confess ....I own tons a nail polishes but, I am so used to using China Gaze I want to use the brand each time. That being said, there are a few down falls with the brand. Sometimes, the colors bleed into each other when creating nail art. The polishes dry out pretty quickly. I have a Mac polish that has to be about 10 years old and its not as sticky as some of the China Glaza polished that I purchased this year. I LOVE The Glaze but, Im going to start adding more brands into my post.

  5. I love the zebra mani! I used to be an OPI snob.I didn't even know about China Glaze until this year(seriously!)now it's one of my favourite brands.

  6. I love the zebra print,and your choice of color. Zebra prints are one of my favorites.

  7. Love all of your designs. I nominated you for a bog award. You can find it on my blog

  8. Love your little poem! A coat of lilac is just what the zebra needed to be even prettier.

  9. I went away for a bit,
    I blinked and suddenly the Princess of Polish has a lilac zebra! :D

    Thought I do a little poem for you. Hehehe...


Thanks for the note. I really appreciate your comment!