Friday, October 2, 2009

The Princess of Polish Favorite Things Giveaway #1

The Princess has declared today , her favorite things #1 Giveaway ! Hurray!

Can we say A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I'm sure everyone who reads this blog knows that I adore China Glaze nail polish. So, when I came across this cute little .325 fl oz of China Glaze Matte Magic , I couldn't resist picking up a bottle.

I painted the tips of my nails with the matte polish and I was blown away how good they looked. All you need to do is paint your nails with your favorite nail polish apply Matte Magic and walla! Fabulous Matte Nails. The great thing about this polish is that you don't need to go out and buy all the new Matte polishes . You can apply this on top of your favorite color and update an old look. Cool huh?
I'll posting some of my matte designs soon but, in the meantime I wanted to give a few bottles away ( I'm going to pick three winners.).

Enter to Win...
1. Follow this blog
2. Post a rhyming sentence , short or funny statement in the comment section including the words Matte Magic and Princess ( well, this is my giveaway) That will be considered your entry.

How will the winner be picked ? The winner will be picked next Friday by random drawing , no multiple entries. The contest will close on Thursday at Midnight. The name of the winner will be posted on the blog next Friday . The winner will contact me and I will send the package. Open to Everyone!

Good Luck! I cant wait to read the comments .....


  1. Oh I would love to try this one. Unfortunately it is very hard to find over here.
    Good luck to the US and Canada followers!

  2. Hey Kirsten, I opened the Giveaway to EVERYONE so, I will add your name to the drawing(smile).

  3. I've been following you for ages, here's my bad attempt at poetry:

    The Princess of Polish is back,
    Wielding Matte Magic, polishing things to matte,
    I'd like to stand out from the pack,
    So I'll keep on being your online mate! :)

  4. The Princess is awesome
    matte magic is too
    please enter my name
    so I am not blue!!

  5. I love the Princess of Polish
    Her nails are so cool
    If I win this Matte Magic
    Mine will be too

    Lol.... it sucks but hey... i tried

  6. Music , Pam & lipton TEE...Thank you for making me laugh..HEEHEE!

  7. I am a follower!

    The Princess is an expert in nail couture,
    she knows all of the trends and techniques for sure,
    she waves her wand; her nails go matte for fall,
    she truly is the most stylish of all!

  8. 1. I am following this blog. :)

    2. Turn your nails matte with Matte Magic,
    Which is also used by the princess herself;
    A nail polish which is so fantastic,
    If I win, then I can matify my nails myself.

  9. Hi I'm a follower and here's my sentence:

    "I'd like to thank Princess discovering Matte Magic, because without it life would be just so tragic!"

    (Hehe, first to rhyme magic with tragic! Not bad for a first-time poet, eh?)

  10. Hey Princess! I'd love a ticket to ride.... please :)

    The Princess' blog is truly fantastic,
    And now there is a contest for China Glaze Matte Magic.
    Can The Diva win such a coveted prize?
    It depends if her rhyme is of adequate size!
    The Diva longs for a bottle of China Glaze Matte Magic.
    Because her nails at the moment look shiny and plastic :p

    Thanks for the opportunity Princess!

  11. I love the Princess of Polish Very very fun.....

  12. The Princess of Polish,
    Oh that's what she seems
    But with the beautiful
    Matte Magic Nails she is
    More like a QUEEN!

  13. Oh wow I just noticed your answer to my post, that is wonderful! Thank you so much.
    I guess I should post a rhyme too to make it official:

    Your style of nail-art is one I truly adore,
    And now that you're back I can't wait to see a lot more.

  14. To: gildedangel,LyNn,pfefi ,Danielle,kathy55439,ThePretty Brown Girl...

    Thanks for entering the contest! Good Luck.

  15. The ever so kind and sweet princess of polishes
    has decided to hold a contest for all her followers
    shes very creative with her nails
    she is so amazing she has never once failed
    the princess of polish has given us the chance
    to win some of the matte magic polish im so happy i could just dance
    oh princess of polish please pick me
    i will be smiling with so much joy and glee

    i had so much writing that little poem hehehe

  16. Please enter my feeble attempt to win the Matte Magic. I definitely am a Follower of your blog. Thank you.
    Matte Magic is a fact,
    That the Princess is back.
    Bearing a gift for us all,
    To win by a random draw.

    (Poetic license on the gift for all!)

  17. I am a follower!

    This princess loves glitter.
    Without would be tragic.
    But matte's just so sexy,
    I need that Matte Magic!

  18. I now follow your blog, but gah, I suck at rhyming! :p

    I'm a princess hear me roar, I've worn so much glossy polish my eyes gone sore!
    In dire need of something new, to add to my withes brew.
    Matte Magic is the stuff I need, to make my nails pretty indeed!

    My e-mail address is andiegirl AT gmail DOT com, not that I'll win considering how terrible that was, lol.

  19. CONTEST CLOSED, I will post the winners this afternoon. I would like to thank everyone for the BEST poems EVER!!!


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