Monday, October 19, 2009

The Princess of Polish: Mr. Owl Nail Art

Outside her house she heard a howl, when she went to investigate it was Mr. Owl.

Do you guys remember Mr. Owl, from the tootsie pop commercial ? Well, I don't know why but, Mr Owl was on my mind the other day so , I painted these nails

Nail Polish: I used about 6 different China Glaze nail polishes and my dotting tool. I am going to list the polishes later on today !
Shocking Pink Neon: Really bright neon color
In the lime Light Neon: bright with a touch of glitter green
Solar Power : bright yellow with a touch of glitter
Orange Knockout Neon : bright orange
White on White and Liquid Leather Black. Seche Vite base and top coat.
So Easy : strip rite (black ) and Wet and Wild Glitter. Note: This design requires a lot of polish layering so, if you want to try this design make sure you have plenty of drying time between layers.....The Princess

The Remix: I painted the nails again with dots and glitter. These colors look great in the sun. I think that would make a great pedicure. If I can ever drag The Little Princess always from her DS or Wii I'm going to try this one on her!


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