Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Princess of Polish..Minx Responds!

I just wanted to quickly let everyone know that one of the owners of Minx responded to my recent post about Minx Nails ....MASTERMINX said...
Hi Princess of Polish! My name is Janice Jordan, one of the owners of Minx. Just wanted to let you know we hear you and are hard at work developing a hands on training course we plan on launching in 2010. We have some really cool fun stuff we are working on as well including new designs and customization for the nail artist who really wants to get creative. Thank you for your support and giving Minx a go!

I think this comment to my Minx post was phenomenal. How many companies take time to respond to a customer in the manner, not many. Much appreciation and respect to Janice Jordan. I hope to be this responsive to customers / clients when I open my salon ( note to self).
I didn't learn about Minx when I went to school to become a manicurist ( weird , I though nail school taught you everything...lol) . I was introduced to Minx by a friend when she showed me a picture of Beyonce sporting the silver nails. I took out a few of my trade magazine and read some articles about nails and application process. I found out about them on Monday and by Friday I was ordering a kit. I was just that intrigued!
I am so excited and cant wait to see the upcoming 2010 developments from Minx . I will keep you all posted.

The Princess.
The Princess is tired ,but she just might...Put some Minx on her fingernails tonight!


  1. How have things been for you? I hope your feeling safer.

  2. hey hun I MISS YOU COME BACKKKK hehehehehe btw your tagged

  3. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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