Monday, August 17, 2009

The Princess of Polish Minx Nails

The nails are fun, applied in a Wink.
A new style of nails, that they call MINX!

Want Superstar Nails? Try MINX...That's what the ad said in the July Issue of Blah Blah Magazine ( I don't recall the name of the magazine , sorry) . Most of us seen MINX on tons of Celebrities nails and from what Ive heard the consensus seems to be that most people think they look really cool. MINX nails are definitely one of the hottest trends in the nail industry in the past year. I've worn MINX around town and believe me , they are real conversation starters. MINX are Bright , Flashy and Shinny and there are a lot of people that have not idea what they are .

Well, if your not up on MINX yet here is the deal MINX are made of a thin plastic film that when heated, the film affixes to your nails. They look hot! The come in a range of styles and patterns. Some salons even have the ability to personalize the MINX and use your own pictures ( cool huh). MINX nails are available at your local nail salons and can range form $35.00 to $65.00. If you go to the MINX website they have a list of salons that offer MINX. For those of use who have a passion for doing our own nails MINX would be a nice fun treat .

Just a note to the MINX company, it would be really nice if you offered more training classes. I like MINX but, I an independent nail artist with tons of ideas. If you order a MINX kit you do get access to an online tutorial video. I am a visual person who has lost of questions and I need more. Ive heard that the nails should last a month but, can only get them to look good without lifting for a week. Ive contacted MINX about training and was advised to read some other blogs for more help (huh) . I use MINX on myself and friends but,would NOT offer this to my clients with out more formal training.

Visit the MINX website at:
picture above : minx leopard nails


  1. That looks really nice! I don't think I'd attempt it mysef and it would never look as god as your do!

  2. Thanks for doing a post on Minx, I've been dying to know how it works. Yours look cool, I've seen an internet article and I love the animal prints. So gorgeous! <3

  3. I read about it on the magz last week! I wondered whether it would really last as long as they said it would?

  4. 0oo0o0 i loveee animal prints they look amazing on.

  5. Love the look of this. Not very good representation of a product. You want more information and they can't give it to you. That stinks! It does look cool.

  6. They look great. Pretty much every review I've read of Minx states that they do start lifting after a week or so. Even those who have them applied at the salon experience lifting in this time frame. Either Minx needs to offer more training as you've indicated or they need to revise their claim of longevity.

  7. They look great. Thanks for the review. Good information to know.

  8. Hi Princess of Polish! My name is Janice Jordan, one of the owners of Minx. Just wanted to let you know we hear you and are hard at work developing a hands on training course we plan on launching in 2010. We have some really cool fun stuff we are working on as well including new designs and customization for the nail artist who really wants to get creative. Thank you for your support and giving Minx a go!

  9. Hey Janice,

    Great NEWS! I'm looking forward to seeing all the new and exciting developments from MINX. My dreams will come true if I could go to a Minx training course.I am gonna keep checking the website and trade mags for updates. I know sooooo many people who want to try MINX and I would be pleased to offer it!


Thanks for the note. I really appreciate your comment!