Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Princess, The Resume and The Interview....

Today , I went to my 1st professional interview . I want to open a salon for children. So, when I happened across this opportunity I wanted to take it BUT, I was afraid and had been wavering ever since I set up the interview. I told my friends, family, co-workers and fellow bloggers about this opportunity and everyone was so encouraging ( much appreciated). I was still wavering but, was definitely leaning more to going than not. Today,I woke up and turned on Joel Osten (tv evangelist, spokesmodel for the lord, motivational speaker, etc.) he said something like this..."if your going to a job interview and you don't think you have the talent, they wont like you , you wont get the job ...stop speaking doubt" Stop, the bus! Joel was speaking to me again. I got ready for my interview and left. I am GOING to get this job.
The Interview : The did not want to do a verbal interview , they wanted me to preform a water manicure , easy enough, so I thought.
Sticky Note: what you learn in school is not how its done in the real world.
The Manicure : The salon employee took me to the back and showed me how to set-up for the client. I was told to fill a glass bowl with water , glass stones, and some small toys (easy enough) . I took the bowl out to the client and started the manicure. I asked the manicurist where to wash the client hands and she said because they were kids I don't need to do that (huh, um ...ok whatever).
As I preformed the manicure the salon employee did not take her eyes off me. I felt like I was on an Episode of Split Ends. It was really funny. The employee said the children's manicures should only take 10 minutes ( that's not much time) I think I took 35 minutes. I cleaned up my station , cleaned my implements and asked for a business flyer ( they were all out). The receptionist asked me how much I wanted to get paid ( I have NO idea) and she said they will call me.
My thoughts about the Interview....
If this was my salon , I would have actually interviewed the potential employee 1st. I would have taken the person on a tour and described what goes on , how its done and what's expected. I would have asked the prospective employee to provide a standard manicure and not "our way" until hired. I would have asked to see a copy of the license. All in all , the place was decorated really cute and the staff was very friendly. I was not overwhelmingly impressed with then nor do I think they were with me. It was an eyeopening experience and even if I don't get the job I can say I honestly tried my best.
What do you think, are they going to call me?


  1. That's an interesting way to conduct the interview... I can tell that you really did your best. :) It sounds like you did a good job. :) If they want someone who is really dedicated to their work, then they should call you! :)

  2. Also, check out my blog when you get a chance! I have nominated you for an award! :)

  3. Eventually you should open your own salon. You have more sense than they did. I realize why the salon wanted the manicure to be 10 minutes. But don't they realize your nervous?


Thanks for the note. I really appreciate your comment!