Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Princess and The Dogs: Nail Art

The Princess looked out of the window , when she heard the shout. Cook was asking the crew,who let the dogs out?? ...

I still had out my CHINA GLAZE black and white nail polishes so, I decided to paint these little doggies , aren't they adorable? Its funny , because last Sunday when I had my INTERVIEW ( I think I was traumatized). One of the manicurist asked " Can you do nail art?" I answered "I guess! it all depends on what type of nail art your talking about"...then I laughed myself....she has NO idea.


  1. hey hun
    check out my blog
    for your award =D

  2. You certaintly do nail art. Did you get the job? I hope so. Your dogs are adorable. Now I can't get Who let the dogs out from rolling around my brain.

  3. Nope. I didnt get the job. It was hard for me at 1st because I can count the few times that Ive had a interview and didnt get the job. I think it would have been fun to work there. I know I would have had fun blogging about it.....


Thanks for the note. I really appreciate your comment!