Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Princess loves Poshe!

...Her nails are always shinny, they bling, so it seems. The Princess loves Poshe and its a wonderful thing!...

I wanted to share my number one , all time favorite TOPCOAT. I always use basecoat and topcoat when polishing my nails. I will talk about basescoat another day. I absolutely love Poshe,its the best topcoat ive found so far. Ive tried tons of clear polish ........out of the door, gelous and lots of others. I like Poshe because it dries really quick and shinny. My nails never chip. The bush is long and soft, which makes it easy to spread the polish evenly. So,if you are looking for a basecoat...The survey says that princesses prefer POSHE!

disclaimer: survey included Me, Myself and I (smile).


  1. l0oks g0od hun,I dont think they have that brand in Aus =(

  2. You are absolutely right!!! I already had this fabulous top coat polish before finding your blog and I totally LOVE it! I had to buy it for my best friend who just texted me the other day thanking me for such a great gift. I hope anyone who reads your blog goes out and buys it cause I swear it will be the best $8 you'll ever spend. I give it 10 stars +


  3. I've used Seche Vite and Poshe. I love them both. They make the nails so shiny. Plus they dry the polish so quickly.


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