Thursday, June 25, 2009

Introducing, The Princess of Polish....

I'm sorry! How rude? Definitely not befitting of a Princess...I forgot to introduce myself. Hello, I'm the self proclaimed Princess of Polish. I am always ranting about something or the other so, I decided to pour a glass of wine ( White Zinfandel), take off my Terra and create this blog.

I love nails and nail art , makeup and fashion, jewelry, books,chandlers and gossip ( I think my list is out of order) I am princess can you blame me ? I'm also an artist and at some point I am going to post some of my painting, but for now I am going to paint my nails, and rant and have so fun!

The Princess of Polish, is also a mobile nail salon. Occasionally, I will post pictures from the "Polish Parties". The Princess of Polish offers all complete party package or "Polish Only" style parties as well. I will also add Polish Party information to this blog as well. xoxo, The Princess of Polish.

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  1. Hi Princess! Do you work for someone or own this? Sounds like funto have this done.


Thanks for the note. I really appreciate your comment!